Logging in to a Remote Host

Once a remote host is fully configured and authorization data has been entered, you can also open the PureMessage Manager on that host

To log in to a remote host:

  1. In the hosts table, on the Network Status page, click either the name of the host that you want to log in to, or the service status descriptor for any service running on that host.

    Depending on whether you clicked on the hostname or a service status descriptor, either the Edit Host page or the Status of <servicename> service on <host>:18080 page is displayed.

  2. Click Remote login.
    A new browser window opens displaying the Dashboard tab of the PureMessage Manager for the remote host.
    Note Only those pages that this user account is authorized to view are displayed.
  3. Perform whatever operations you want in the remote host’s Manager. Log out and close the new browser window when you are done.