Configuring Secure PDF Exchange (SPX)

Configuring the Email Appliance to use SPX encryption involves a number of steps. Most of these are completed on the SPX Encryption tab of the appliance’s Encryption page, including creating a template, setting the SPX Secure Email Portal, and configuring a password method.

Once a template has been created, you can create outbound policy rules with an action that encrypts messages if certain conditions are met. For examples, see the "SPX Deployment Guide".

  • To create a new SPX template, click Add. This launches the SPX Template wizard.
  • To edit an existing template, click the name in the list of templates. This launches the SPX Template wizard. Click any wizard toolbar button for direct access to that configuration page.
  • To delete one or more templates, select the check box next to the template(s), then click Delete.
    Note If a template is currently referenced by a policy, the words "in use" are displayed in brackets to right of the template name. In addition, the associated check box is unavailable (grayed out). If you want to delete a template, you must first ensure that it is not used by any policies. The Sophos Default Template cannot be edited.
  • To configure the SPX portal, click Settings.
  • To set expiry and notification times for various SPX features, click Configure.
  • To reset the password for an email account, enter the email address in the Account reset text box, and click Reset.
  • If you are using a trial license, the number of days remaining are displayed under Viewing the trial Status.