Encryption: SPX

Secure PDF Exchange (SPX) encryption is a next-generation version of email encryption. It is clientless and is extremely easy to set up and customize to any environment. For detailed information about how SPX works, see “What is SPX Encryption?”

SPX email messages can be sent in any of the supported languages, and can be viewed by anyone with one of the Supported PDF Readers. Supported languages include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Use the SPX Encryption tab on the Configuration > Policy > Encryption page to activate and manage the Email Appliance’s SPX email encryption.

Note SPX email encryption requires a separate license. If you do not already have an SPX license, contact your Sophos representative. SPX will operate on a trial basis for 30 days. If you do not have a license, a dialog box is displayed when you view this page, prompting you to begin the trial period. For more information, see “Viewing the Trial Status”.