Updates (Clustered)

The Configuration > System > Updates page displays a list of all appliances in the cluster, with information about their currently installed threat definition packages and software versions. If a software engine update is available, there are also details about the nature of the update and the time and date of the next scheduled automatic update.

Software engine: The latest available software engine version is displayed. To subscribe to an RSS feed of information about appliance software updates, click the RSS icon to the right of the title. The version number is divided by decimal points into four parts, for example Reading from left to right, the parts signify:

Version Type Version Element
major release
minor release
maintenance release
hotfix release

Click Check for Updates to refresh this information.

Cluster updating: Each appliance in the cluster is listed in table format:

  • Status icon: Icon indicating the current status of this appliance (ni).
  • Appliance: Name of the appliance.
  • Software engine: Version of the currently installed software version.
  • History: Clicking on this icon will display a history of all software updates that have been installed since the history list was last cleared.
  • Threat definition installed: Version number of the current threat definition.
  • Threat definition last updated: Date and time of the most recent update.
  • Click Update to force an update of the threat definitions on the selected appliance.
  • Click Update Entire Cluster to force an update of the threat definitions on all appliances in the cluster.
Note If the text of an update button is gray, this indicates that no new updates are currently available.
Software engine update schedule: Displays the dates and times that the appliance’s software engine will apply updates. There are two types of updates:
  • Critical updates: these are updates that affect functionality and usability of the appliance.
  • Non-critical updates: these are updates that may affect the appearance, or introduce new functionality, but are not necessary for the appliance to continue operating properly.

To change the software engine update schedule, click Configure.