System Status (Clustered)

The System Status tab lets you monitor the health and performance of each Email Appliance in a cluster. For more about the system status of individual appliances, see System Status.

When an appliance is a member of a cluster, the Cluster Status page displays information about the status of each Email Appliance in the cluster.

Several icons are used to indicate status:

indicates that the status is normal.

indicates a warning that a problem has been detected.

indicates that a problem has recurred, and a critical alert message has been sent.

Note The System Status icon will always indicate the most urgent condition (normal, warning or critical) of any of the systems in the cluster.

The Cluster members panel displays information about each appliance in the cluster including its status, the name of the appliance, the last time it was contacted from the box you are currently logged into, and its current message load.

  • The status icon next to each system indicates the status of that specific system, and reflects the condition (normal, warning or critical) of the individual system.
  • Click on the name of a specific cluster member to view its System Status.
Note The system status icon will return to normal (green), provided there are no other warnings or alerts, if:
  • A system that is experiencing a warning condition or alert associated with a global function is rebooted.
  • The system experiencing the warning condition is removed from, then re-joined to the cluster.
  • An individual system that has experienced an issue executing a particular global function is configured so that it is no longer associated with that function.

More information about configuring clustering can be found on the Clustering page.

The Global functions panel displays status information about each function, including its name, a description of the last time a status change occurred, and a link to a history of events for the function.

  • Each global function’s status icon shows the most recent status change (normal or alert) that has occurred.
  • If a system in the cluster experiences a problem executing a function, another system in the cluster will re-try the function (if one or more other systems in the cluster have been so configured). The Global functions icon will reflect the status of the last attempt to execute this function (normal or alert).
  • The Description shows the most recent status for each function. The history icon links to a complete list of all warnings and alerts associated with its respective function.