Setup and Configuration Guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist you with the basic configuration steps in the Sophos™ Email Appliance Setup Wizard and some essential post-configuration tasks.


The guide assumes that you have already completed all of the steps in your appliance’s Setup Guide. While the guide contains enough information to prepare the Email Appliance for live email traffic, it should not be considered a substitute for the product documentation. For complete instructions on configuring and managing the Email Appliance, see the product’s online documentation.

The Setup Wizard prompts you to configure settings in five main categories:

  • System Settings
  • Network Configuration
  • Register and Update
  • Mail Routing
  • Anti-Virus/Spam Settings

Although the wizard allows you configure many of the Email Appliance’s essential components, additional configuration options are available in the management console, which launches automatically when you exit the wizard. The "Post-Installation Configuration/Integration" section of the guide covers many of the configuration options that become available once activation is complete.

Of the remaining two sections, one describes how alias maps can be used to create associations between email addresses that can be applied for policy filtering and user preferences. The final section offers a summary of the system maintenance options.