Content Control Lists

The matching of file content is defined using a Content Control List (CCL). This is an XML-based description of structured data. SophosLabs provides an extensive set of CCLs. If necessary, however, you can create custom lists using Sophos Enterprise Console, a single, automated console that centrally deploys and manages Sophos security software.

A CCL is made up of conditions that describe structured file content. It may describe a single type of data (for example, a postal address or social security number), or a combination of data types (for example, a project name near to the term "confidential").

Tip With the Sophos Enterprise Console, you can:
  • Protect your network against viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, and unknown threats, as well as adware and other potentially unwanted applications.
  • Control which applications can run on the network.
  • Manage client firewall protection on endpoint computers.
  • Assess computers’ compliance with the conditions you set before they are allowed to log on to the network and enforce compliance.
  • Reduce accidental data loss, such as unintentional transfer of sensitive data, from endpoint computers.

SophosLabs CCLs provide expert definitions for common financial and personally identifiable data types, for example, credit card numbers, social security numbers, postal addresses, or email addresses. Advanced techniques, such as checksums, are used in SophosLabs CCLs to increase the accuracy of sensitive data detection.

You cannot edit SophosLabs CCLs, but you can submit a request to Sophos to create a new SophosLabs CCL. For details, see How to get additional items added to Content Control Lists in the Sophos Knowledgebase.