Creating Alias Maps for Custom Groups

To create alias maps for custom groups:

  1. Click the Custom Alias Maps link below the Create groups manually table.
    The Alias Map Editor dialog box is displayed.
  2. Enter an email address to be substituted in the Map from address text box, then enter the substitute email address in the Map to address text box.
  3. Click Add to add this to the list. Alternatively, click Upload to upload a list of addresses. The list should contain one pair of colon-separated email addresses per line, where the first address is the address you want to substitute, and the second is the substitute address itself.
    Note You can map one domain to another by entering @<from_domain> as the Map from address, and @<to_domain> as the Map to address. For example, you could enter for the Map from address, and for the Map to address. This would cause any mail addressed to users at to be mapped instead to for policy purposes.
  4. After you have finished adding entries, click OK.

Example: if email aliases have been configured using directory services or the Custom alias maps feature, and alias support is turned on, the Email Appliance applies these same aliases for policy filtering and user preferences. For example, if you have an alias that redirects mail destined for and to, the effects are as follows:

  • Policy Filtering: Instances of and are interpreted as when messages are processed by the policy. Any explicit references to and userB@example in the policy are ignored.
  • Quarantine Summaries: If the Email Appliance is configured to email quarantine summaries, the summaries for and are mailed to only.
  • User Block Lists: Messages addressed to and, which are subsequently blocked, are stored in the Blocked Messages list for