Setting Banner Options for Quarantine Summaries

Optionally, you can append banners to quarantine summary messages in the form of headers and footers.

By default, the following message is displayed in the Add header text box:

The following messages were quarantined by Sophos
because they appear to be spam.
To request that a message be released from the quarantine and delivered to you, click
the message ID and send the request. If your mail client does not support HTML, reply
to this message and delete lines that correspond to messages you do not want
approved. To release all messages in the list, simply reply to this message.

To set banner options for email quarantine summaries:

  1. Select the Add header or Add footer check box and type the content for the banner ( the note inserted at the top or bottom of the message body) in the associated text box.
  2. From the Banner Format drop-down list, select whether the banner is Plain Text or HTML.