Communicating with SPX: Basic Steps

Recipients access the SPX portal via the hyperlinks that you provide in the instructions accompanying all encrypted messages. If you opt to have recipients set their own passwords, an instructional message with a link to the portal is sent to the recipient. In both cases, the instructional messages will also include any images (for example, corporate logos) that you added through the wizard.

After a sender in your organization sends an SPX-encrypted email to a recipient, the following occurs:

  1. A password is established for the recipient using one of three methods (see Choosing an SPX Password Method for more information). When creating passwords, recipients should follow the guidelines laid out in the "Best Practices" section of Password Management.
  2. The message is encrypted and sent to the recipient. The sender may also receive a confirmation that an encrypted message has been sent, if you have enabled that feature.
  3. The recipient receives, decrypts, and reads the email.
  4. [Optional] The recipient sends a secure response to the encrypted message. The SPX password may be required for a secure response, if you have enabled that setting.