Template Name

On this page of the wizard, you will provide a descriptive name to be displayed in the list of SPX templates on the SPX Encryption tab. In addition, provide the organization name that you want to be displayed in text containing the %%ORGANIZATION_NAME%% template variable. Provide the “from” email address that you want displayed to recipients in all SPX messages that are auto-generated by the Sophos Email Appliance.

Add or edit the template name, organization name, and system email address:

  1. In the Template name text box, add or edit a name for this template. This is the name that will be displayed in the list of SPX templates.
  2. In the Organization name text box, enter the name that you want displayed to email recipients in SPX communications. The name entered here will be inserted in the message if the %%ORGANIZATION_NAME%% template variable is included in the body text used for registration request and recipient instructions messages.
  3. In the System email address text box, enter the address that you want displayed as the “from” address in all automated system communications that the appliance delivers to recipients. For example, you may want to provide your organization’s help desk as the return address for all system-delivered messages related to SPX. If you prefer not to provide a “from” address, you can indicate that instead (for instance, no-reply@example.com).
  4. [Optional] Select the Sophos SPX Logo check box if you do not want the "Powered by Sophos SPX" logo displayed in SPX messages and on the SPX portal.
  5. Click Save to save this template, Previous to configure to reply settings, or Cancel to discard any changes.