Encrypted PDF Options

Configure various attributes of the PDF that is sent to recipients.

  1. In the Cover page panel, select your desired cover page style. You can choose:
    • None: No cover page will be used.
    • Sophos: The default cover page supplied with the Email Appliance.
    • Custom: If you select this option, you must click Upload and select a PDF cover page that you have created. For more information on creating custom cover pages, see SPX Best Practices.
  2. From the Page size drop-down list, select the page size to use for the SPX message. You can choose from Letter, A4 and Legal sizes.
    Note This selection affects only the pages that follow the cover page.
  3. Use the Template language drop-down list to select the language used for labels that appear in encrypted messages (From, To, Cc, etc), and language for text displayed in the SPX portal.
  4. From the Encryption settings drop-down list, select 128-bit or 256-bit encryption.
    Note Only Adobe Reader 9.0 and later supports 256-bit encryption.
  5. Click Preview to display a preview of a message that uses your selected settings, or click Next to configure the password settings.