Responding with Secure Reply

If secure reply is enabled on the Portal Settings page of the SPX Template wizard, recipients have the option of responding securely to an encrypted message. Secure reply works as follows:

  1. Encrypted message is delivered to recipient.
  2. Recipient uses password to open encrypted PDF.
  3. Recipient clicks Reply. If there are multiple recipients and the Reply All feature has been enabled, the recipient can click Reply All to respond to the sender and all recipients.

  4. Recipient gains access to the SPX portal via the default web browser. (The SPX password may be required, if you have enabled that setting.)

    Note When recipients are required to enter a password to access the SPX portal, they are allowed six login attempts. Following that, they are locked out of the portal for 24 hours.
  5. Recipient sends secure reply, which is delivered to the original sender through the Email Appliance over HTTPS, maintaining the security of the communication. If the recipient clicked Reply All, secure replies will be sent to all recipients of the message.
  6. Optionally, original sender continues the secure communication by sending a response within another encrypted PDF.