Configuring the Sender’s Email Client

To trigger SPX encryption, senders must configure their email clients to correspond with the Email Appliance policy. Depending on what you have set on the appliance, this could simply be a matter of including a keyword, such as "confidential," in the subject line of the message.
Note Alternatively, you can deploy the Sophos Outlook Add-in, which allows email senders to encrypt a message with one click of a button on their Microsoft Outlook toolbar. The encryption is then triggered according to what you have configured for the Add-in and the Email Appliance. For more information, see "Sophos Outlook Add-In" in the Appendix.

For step-by-step details of how to configure an email client to work with the Email Appliance, see either of the examples in the "SPX Deployment Guide."

Note Regardless of your chosen method, you must inform senders about what is necessary to trigger the SPX encryption policy rule you have created.