Managing Existing Certificates

Existing certificates may be configured for the Administrative User Interface, End User Web Quarantine and Email Encryption roles.

After adding certificates to the Email Appliance, you can configure the certificates for different roles on the Email Appliance. A given role can only use one certificate at a time, but a particular certificate may be used for more than one role.

If you want to use a different certificate for the Administrative User Interface, the End User Web Quarantine, or for Email Encryption:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration > System > Certificates page.
  2. For clustered deployments, select the system you want to configure from the Appliance drop-down list.
  3. Select the Email Appliance role for which you wish to use the certificate.
  4. Click Apply. The certificate will now be used for the selected role.
Note It is not possible to remove the self-signed certificate that is supplied with the Email Appliance.