Sync Settings

  1. From the Schedule drop-down list, select how often you want the appliance to automatically synchronize its data with directory services.
    Note If new users are added in directory services, and the Via directory services option is selected on the Configuration > Policy > Filtering Options page, then mail for the new users is rejected until a synchronization transfers the user data to the Email Appliance. It is therefore advised that you set the synchronization interval to a short time period, such as one hour, to reduce the number of rejected messages.

    The recommended alternative is Via downstream SMTP look-ahead, which is also set on the Configuration > Policy > Filtering Options page. See “Filtering Options” for a description of the recipient validation options. Although it is unlikely, there may be a delay of up to three hours before the Email Appliance will accept mail for a newly added valid email address. This results because the Email Appliance’s mail transfer agent (MTA) caches the list of invalid recipients.

    Once directory services integration is configured, synchronizations are performed regularly as set in the synchronization interval option. If the synchronization of a user group fails three or more times consecutively, then the group will disappear from the groups listed in the List Selector dialog box. However, once a synchronization is performed successfully, the group will reappear in the list.

  2. Click Next.