Server Type

  1. Select one of the following directory services types:
    • Auto-detect Active Directory settings:
      1. In the Server text box, enter the hostname or IP address of your organization’s directory services server.
      2. In the Username text box, enter the username (if required) to access the directory services server.
      3. In the Password text box, enter that user’s password (if required).
        Note Detecting the directory services settings fails if the directory services server requires a username and password, but they are not provided.
      4. Click Detect Settings. The progress of the auto-detection process is displayed on the right. If successful, the appliance will connect to the server, detect the settings, and then indicate that verification of the settings is complete.
    • Or, select Choose from a list of directory server sample profiles, and then select your LDAP implementation from the list. This is not a complete list of LDAP implementations. It is intended to provide some examples of popular LDAP versions. If your version is not shown, choose the third option, and configure your settings manually.
    • Or, select Configure directory server settings manually to proceed through the wizard and configure all of the settings yourself.
    Note If you choose the Lotus Domino sample profile, follow the Groups by Membership schema. If you choose the Lotus (Groups by OU) sample profile, follow the Groups by Organizational Unit schema.
  2. Click Next.