Running/Configuring Updates

  • To download and apply a new update before the next scheduled update window:
    1. Click Check for Updates to retrieve any available updates for an appliance or cluster of appliances.
    2. Click Update Now to install any downloaded updates for an individual appliance. If available updates are installed, the button is grayed out.
    Note If you are running multiple appliances in a cluster, an Update Entire Cluster button is displayed instead of Update Now. Clicking it updates all listed appliances. If no updates are available, the button is grayed out
  • To specify your preferred software update window:

    Use the Software engine update schedule to set the time window in which automatic software updates are installed.

    Critical updates (for example, security-related patches) are applied automatically within 24 hours of availability during the update window. Maintenance updates are applied automatically during the update window, but only on the days of the week specified in the check boxes.

    1. Click Configure.
    2. In the From and to drop-down lists, specify the window of time in which to apply automatic updates.
    3. Select the day of the week check box(es) to specify the day(s) on which non-critical automatic updates are applied.
    4. Click OK.