Initiating a Certificate Signing Request

The Initiate CSR dialog box is displayed if you selected Initiate Certificate Signing Request in the Add Certificate dialog box.

To generate a CSR:

  1. Enter a Description. This is the name that will appear in the list of certificates.
  2. In the Hostname/Domain text box, enter the hostname and domain of your server,
    Note The hostname/domain that is presented to external hosts must exactly match the hostname/domain associated with the certificate.
  3. In the Organization name text box, enter the name of your company or organization,
  4. In the City text box, enter the name of your city ,
  5. In the State or Province text box, enter the name of your state or province,
    Note The state or province name must not be abbreviated.
  6. From the Country drop-down list, select your country.
  7. Click Next to finish generating the Certificate Request

The Email Appliance will generate the Certificate Signing Request.