Upload Certificate

The Upload Certificate dialog box is displayed if you click upload certificate next to a pending CSR on the Configuration > System > Certificates page. You can upload a certificate provided by a certificate authority (CA), or view details of the pending CSR.

  • To upload a certificate:
    • Select Paste certificate text and paste the provided certificate or,
    • Select Import certificate file to upload a certificate you have saved to a file.
    Note The certificate must be in PEM or PKCS#12 format, and it must match the selected CSR.
  • To view details of the pending CSR, click on the CSR Details.
    • Click Download to save the CSR:
    • Cut and paste the displayed CSR and save it as a text file.
    Note The CSR’s exact formatting must be preserved. Because of this, it is recommended that you use a text editor such as Notepad, and not a word processor or similar program to save the CSR.