Certificate Request

The Certificate Request dialog box is displayed if you proceed after entering the required information in the CSR Information dialog box. It displays the CSR that the Email Appliance has generated for your certificate request.

To complete the CSR:

  1. Save the CSR to your computer. Either:
    • Click Download to save the CSR:
    • Cut and paste the displayed CSR and save it as a text file.
    Note The CSR’s exact formatting must be preserved. Because of this, it is recommended that you use a text editor such as Notepad, and not a word processor or similar program to save the CSR.
  2. Click Close.

The CSR is now displayed in the Certificates section on the Certificates page. "[ Pending CSR - upload certificate ]" is displayed next to its description until you have completed the CSR process.

You will now need to use the saved CSR to acquire a signed certificate. After obtaining this from a certificate signing authority, you will need to import the supplied certificate.