Edit SPX Recipient Instructions

Use the SPX recipient instructions page to customize the text of the email that is sent with each SPX email message. This provides recipients with information about the SPX message that they have received, such as the required Adobe Reader software, and, if necessary, how to obtain the password needed to read the message.

Note When using sender-specified passwords, the instructional email will have the same subject as the sender-specified password email, except that the associated tag, password, and brackets will be removed.

Add or edit email body:

  1. In the SPX recipient instructions dialog, edit the text as necessary.
    • You can customize messages with any of the template variables available for the SPX instructional text .
    • Selecting any of the End user password options on the previous wizard page automatically inserts text on this page that contains an associated template variable. Included in the text is a URL that recipients can click to access the appropriate password page on the SPX Secure Email Portal.
    • Customize the recipient instructions text as necessary, but for each end user password option check box selected on the previous page (Password Settings), ensure that the associated template variable is preserved. If the included template variables do not match the selected check boxes, a warning message is displayed. A match is required to create an active link to the appropriate SPX portal page.
    Note You can use basic HTML to help format the registration email. If the recipient’s email client is configured to accept HTML messages, the formatted version is displayed; otherwise, their email client shows a text version of the registration email, with no special formatting. The registration email has a size limit of 4KB.
  2. In the Text text box, edit or update the instructions that will be sent to recipients of SPX messages. This should contain useful information, such as how to open SPX messages, how to obtain their password and so forth.