Group Editor

The Group Editor dialog box is displayed if you click Add or click on the name of an existing group in the Create groups manually table on the Configuration > Accounts > User Groups page.

To create or change a group:

  1. Enter or edit the Group name.
  2. Create the list of email addresses that will belong to the group by doing the following:
    • In the Email address text box, enter an address and click Add. Repeat this step for each email address that you want to add.
    • Alternatively, click Upload, which opens the List Upload dialog box, and add a list with only one email address per line.
      Note Email addresses must be actual addresses, not alias addresses, unless alias map support is turned on. Addresses entered manually cannot contain wildcards. You cannot edit an automatically created group (for example, created by a policy containing 100+ addresses).
    • Remove one or more email addresses from the list by selecting the check box beside the email addresses that you want to remove and clicking Delete.
    • Use the Find text box to search a large list for email addresses that you want to delete, or use the page controls below the list to page through the list.
  3. Click OK.