List Editor

The List Editor dialog box is displayed when you click Suspect Attachments in either the Inbound anti-virus or Outbound anti-virus tables on the Configuration > Policy > Anti-Virus page, when you click Offensive Language, Inbound Keywords, or Outbound Keywords links on the Configuration > Policy > Content page, or when you click either Allowed hosts/senders or Blocked hosts/senders on the Configuration > Policy > Allow/Block Lists page.

To modify a suspect attachments, offensive language, or keywords list:

  1. Select a character-matching scheme (string or regular expression). There are separate lists for strings and regular expressions that combine to form a single filter. The default matching scheme is String (wildcards supported).
    Note When adding or editing strings using the String (wildcards supported) option, you must use wildcards to perform substring matches. For example, if you simply add ReallyBadWord to the list, that entry will not match sentences containing ReallyBadWord. However, the entry *ReallyBadWord* will match all sentences containing ReallyBadWord. Exclusions are also supported. For example, if you add an entry to block *foo*, you might want to exclude !*foobar*.
  2. Modify the list by doing any of the following:
    • Add an entry by typing it in the top text box and clicking Add. Repeat this step for each additional entry. Alternatively, click Paste List, which opens the Paste List dialog box.
    • Import a list of entries from a text file by clicking Upload. In the Upload dialog box you may either:
      • Select Merge with current list. Only entries which do not already exist will be added to the list.
      • Select Replace current list. All list entries will be replaces with the new list.
    • Remove entries from the list by selecting the check box beside the entry that you want to remove and clicking Delete.
    • Use the Find text box to search for entries or use the page controls below the list to browse through the list.
  3. Click OK.