The Notify dialog box is displayed if you click the item in the Notify column for a policy option in the Configuration > Policy > Anti-Virus or Content page. This dialog box allows you specify an email recipient, such as an Email Appliance system administrator, who will be notified when messages match this filtering option.

To specify a notification recipient:

  1. In the Email address text box, type the email address of the person that you want to notify.
  2. [Outbound Messages Only] Optionally, select the Copy sender check box if, additionally, you want a notification sent to the original sender of the message.
  3. [Optional] Under Notify Options, specify how you want the specified recipient to be copied on this notification. Or, select Redirect to if you want the specified recipient to be notified instead of the recipient(s) named in "To" list.
  4. [Optional] In the Notification message text box, type the message that you want included in the body of the notification email.
    This allows you to tell recipients why they are receiving a notification.
  5. Click OK.