Rule Type

  1. Select one of the following rule types:
    • High spam: Mail that is almost certainly spam. It is recommended that you discard all messages in this category.
    • Medium spam: Mail that is probably spam. It is recommended that you quarantine all messages in this category.
    • Bounce messages: Messages that have been bounced (also know as non-delivery report (NDR) messages. It is also recommended that you enable Bounce Address Tag Verification (BATV), which is done in the next step of the wizard. Using BATV distinguishes between legitimate and illegitimate bounce messages. This allows you to quarantine or discard bounced spam messages to spoofed senders (backscatter). If you use BATV, all outbound messages must be sent through the Email Appliance.
  2. [Optional] Select Enable advanced policy options to make all additional wizard options available. Certain steps in the wizard are grayed out, according to the selected rule type.
  3. Click Next.