Rule Config: Keyword list

Add, delete or view the keyword entries for a rule.

  • Select the String or Regular Expression tab.
  • To add keywords:
    • Enter a keyword or regular expression in the Add Entries section text box, then click Add, or:
    • Click Upload to upload a list of keywords or regular expressions from a text file.
    Entries will appear in the Entries table.
  • Select the Match keyword entries within attachments check box to enable the appliance to also search for keywords inside of supported attachment types.
    Note Certain keyword entries that make extensive use of wildcards, such as "*example*", may cause large attachments to be processed slowly. It is important to ensure that you are familiar with wildcards and regular expressions before using them in keyword lists.
  • To delete a keyword or regular expression, select the check box next to its description in the Entries table, then click Delete.
  • There may be more than one page of keywords or regular expressions. The number of pages, as well as the page number that you are viewing, will be indicated above the Entries table.
    • To move to a specific page, enter the page number in the page number text box, then press Enter .
    • Click the > button to move forward one page.
    • Click the < button to move backward one page.
    • Click the << button to move to the first page of entries.
    • Click the >> button to move to the last page of entries.
  • To search for a keyword or regular expression, enter your query in the Find text box, then click Find Next.

After you have added or deleted message attributes:

  • Click Save to save your changes, and exit the Policy Wizard.
  • Click Previous or Next to move to the previous or next configuration section.
  • Click Cancel to exit the Policy Wizard without saving your changes.