Register and Update

The Email Appliance will now use the activation code to register with Sophos. Once registered, the Email Appliance is authorized to receive threat definitions and software updates.

  • To register the appliance:
    1. In the Activation code text box, enter the code provided by Sophos. (If you are installing the appliance as a 30-day trial, this text box is not displayed.)

    2. Click Register.
      If registration is successful, a message is displayed in the status bar.
    3. Click Next.
  • To get the latest threat definitions and software updates:
    1. Click Update.

      The progress bar is displayed while the update time is calculated. Once updating is complete, the Email Appliance will request a reboot.
    2. Click Reboot.

    3. Following the reboot, click Next to proceed to the wizard’s Clustering page.