Testing Mail Flow Before Deployment

The following procedure assumes that you have set up your Email Appliance as described in the Configuration Guide. If you want to test the appliance before it is fully integrated with your network, you can send test messages as described below.

Note If you have already integrated the Email Appliance into your network, use the “Testing Mail Flow on a Fully Networked Appliance” procedure instead.

To test mail flow before deployment:

  1. From an email client configured to route mail through the Email Appliance, send a test message from an internal email account to an address belonging to an appliance user group. This confirms that the appliance is successfully processing mail.

    It is recommended that you give the message a subject that can be easily spotted when you search the mail logs in the next step.

  2. To confirm that the message has been delivered:
    1. Check the recipient account to verify that the message was delivered.
    2. Inspect the mail logs for an entry that corresponds with your test message. On the Search tab, on the Search In sidebar, select Mail Logs, and click Search. For more about searching mail logs, see “Search” in the product documentation.