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Finish and export the Sophos Firewall configuration

After you've completed the migration process, you can export your new Sophos Firewall configuration.


Before you export your migrated configuation:


You can only export completed configurations.

You can export your current configuration or a previously created one.

Finish your current configuration

To finish your current configuration:

  1. Click Next. This creates your Sophos Firewall configuration file (sophos.tar). A summary of the configuration is displayed.
  2. Click Next when the assistant show 100 %.
    • Click Download and save sophos.tar.
    • Click Home at the top-right. Your configuration shows on the Saved tab.

Export a saved configuration

To export an existing configuration:

  1. Go to the Saved tab.
  2. Select the configuration you want to export.
  3. Click Download migrated config.
  4. Save the sophos.tar.

You can now import your configuration to Sophos Firewall.

For each saved migrated configuration, you can do the following:

  • To download the configuration file (sophos.tar), click Download migrated config. Or click Menu to open the menu, and then select Download Original.
  • To edit the configuration, click Edit. See also Edit configuration.
  • To view the configuration summary file, click Menu to open the menu, and select View Summary.
  • To view the log files of the migration process, click Menu to open the menu, and select Download Logs.
  • To start a new migration, click Menu to open the menu, and select Start New Migration. See also Start a new migration.
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