Sophos Firewall Migration Assistant

The migration assistant helps you move from SonicWall to Sophos XG Firewall.

Note The Sophos Firewall Migration Assistant is only available if you are signed up to the Early Access Program.

The migration process is as follows:

  1. You create an account, see Create account.
  2. You export your SonicWall configuration, see Export a SonicWall configuration.
  3. You import your SonicWall configuration into Sophos Firewall Migration Assistant, see Import SonicWall configuration.

    The tool analyzes your configuration file and imports the settings.

  4. Choose the Sophos XG Firewall you want to migrate to.
  5. Amend the settings so that they are correct for your chosen Sophos XG Firewall.
  6. Generate a Sophos XG Firewall configuration file and save it. You can then upload it to your Sophos XG Firewall, see Export Sophos XG Firewall configuration.

You can reuse your saved configurations, see Edit Sophos XG Firewall configuration.

You can also start a new migration, see Start new migration.