Export Sophos XG Firewall configuration

Before you export your configuation:

Note You can only download completed configurations.

You can export your current configuration or a previously created one.

  • To export your current configuration:
    1. Click Next.
      This creates your Sophos XG Firewall configuration file (sophos.tar). A summary of the configuration is displayed.
    2. Click Download and save sophos.tar.
      Your configuration appears in Saved.
  • To export an existing configuration:
    1. Click on Saved.
    2. Select the configuration you want to export.
    3. Click .
    4. Save sophos.tar.

      You can also download the configuration file (sophos.tar) from the menu. Click to open the menu.

      You can also view the configuration summary file or delete a configuration from the menu.

      You can also start a new migration, see Start new migration.

You can now import your configuration to Sophos XG Firewall.