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Last update: 2022-03-22

Release notes


Version 1.0.10

Updated components

  • Zone names can only contain alphanumeric and underscore characters. Zone names are checked to ensure they don't contain other characters.
  • Updated the VLAN markup reference template to support the required tags. This means that we support <VLAN> (not <Interface>), and <Zone> (not <NetworkZone>).
  • You can't use tabs in the name for host objects. Tabs and control characters will be removed.
  • Updated the EULA text so that it wraps correctly for VMware Workstation.

Version 1.0.8

New features

  • Added instructions to the OVA using the EULA mechanism. This is supported by OVF compliant platforms.
  • Added a logic check to the edit phase which prevents the user from proceeding to the next phase if the Target Appliance and at least one interface aren't configured.
  • Automatically prune FQDNHost and MACHost objects from IPHost groups. SonicOS supports groups of mixed object types, though this is not supported in Sophos Firewall.

Updated components

  • Updated the "How-to Videos" link in the Help menu.

Resolved issues

  • Resolved an issue that prevented custom Zone objects from migrating.

Known issues

  • When multiple checkboxes are selected on the Interfaces page, unselecting one box may inadvertently unselect other boxes.
  • Deleting an object from a table causes the scroll position within the table to change. This only affects the display. This issue will be addressed in a later release.
  • Tables load slowly. You can scroll past the last row displayed in the table.
  • Deleting the last migration Saved does not remove the entry until you reload the page. This happens when there is only one migration in the Saved table.
  • The Summary page provides only basic information.
  • In Routes, you need to manually change the interface that the policy is bound to.
  • In Routes, a default gateway of is not currently supported.
  • Give Feedback may not work if outbound SMTP is blocked.
  • Recommended Next Steps will be included in a future release. This feature will guide you through the process of importing the migrated configuration and basic troubleshooting steps.
  • The ability to edit links on the Migration Summary page will be included in a future release. You can work around it by going to the Saved table on the Home page, then selecting the Edit icon next to the most recent migration.
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