Device Configuration : System : Profiles : Device Access : Add a new Profile
Add a new Profile
The Add Profile page allows you to add administrator profiles.
1. Go to Device Configuration > System > Profiles > Device Access and click Add.
2. Enter Profile details.
Profile Name
Specify a name to identify the profile.
Click on the access level you want to provide to a profile. There are three levels of access each of the created profile can have.
Available Options:
* None: No access to any page
* Read-Only: View the pages
* Read-Write:Modify the details
Access levels can be set for individual menus as well. You can either set a common access level for all the menus or individually select the access level for each of the menu.
Click icon against a menu to view the items under that menu.
For example, if you set access level as Read-Only against the Web Filter, the profile user would only be able to view the Web Filter menu but would not be able to make any modifications. To make modifications, Read-Write option is to be used.
3. Click Save to save the settings.