System & Monitor : Account Settings : Accounts : Add Device
Add Device
Use this page to add devices to CFM.
1. Go to System Management > Account Settings > Accounts > Device Inventory .
2. Click on to add a new device.
3. Add device Details:
a. Device Name: Specify Device name to uniquely identify the device.
b. Serial Number: Displays Serial Number of the device.
c. Admin Username Specify Administrator Username of the device.
d. Password and Confirm Password Password for the above mentioned Administrator Username of the device.
e. Communication Mode Specify communication mode to manage Firewall device from CFM.
f. Central Management will push updates to this Device: Select if the managed Sophos XG Firewall device is directly accessible from CFM , i.e. there is no intermediate NAT box. Specify access protocol and port number to communicate with managed Firewall device.
g. This Device will fetch updates from Central Management: Select if the managed Firewall device is behind NAT box.
h. Template: Select configuration template which has to be applied on the device.
i. Access Protocol: Specify Protocol that is to be used to access the device for pushing configuration and synchronizing that is. Protocol used to communicate with the device.
j. Access Port: Specify Port through which device and CFM should communicate.
k. Access to User: Specify CFM Administrator who can manage the Device.
l. Description: Specify description for the device.
m. Administrator Information: Click hyperlink to add additional information of CFM Administrator.
n. Administrator Name: Specify name of the Administrator.
o. Contact Number Specify contact number of the Administrator.
p. Email ID Specify email ID of the Administrator.
q. Customer Information Click hyperlink to view information of the customer.
r. Company Name of the company.
s. Contact Person Name of the contact person.
t. Contact Number Displays contact number of the contact person.
u. Test Connection Click to test the connectivity between CFM and the managed device.
4. Click Save.