System & Monitor : Monitor : Alerts : Add Alert Profile
Add Alert Profile
Use this page to add or edit Profile parameters.
1. Go to System Management > Monitor > Alerts > Profile > and click Add to add a new Alert Profile.
2. Specify the parameters based on description shown below.
Profile Name
Specify a name to identify the Profile.
Send Email(s) alert to
Specify comma separated recipient email address(s) to send alert notification through email.
You need to configure email server from System Management > Account Settings > System > Notification > to send email alerts on specified email address(s).
Even if a mail server is not configured, the created alert will be displayed under Alerts tab.
Select the device(s) or device group(s).
Alerts Criteria
Configure alert criteria. Select checkbox against criterion to be configured and specify value for the criterion.
Available criteria:
Any subscription module expires within
CPU usage exceeds
Memory usage exceeds
Disk usage exceeds
Total Intrusion attack count exceeds
Critical Intrusion attack count exceeds
Web virus count exceeds
Mail Virus count exceeds
Total virus count exceeds
Spam Mail count exceeds
Objectionable + Unproductive surfing hits
ATP events exceed
End-points with Security Heartbeat in Red state exceeds
End-points Security Heartbeat changed to Red state exceeds
End-points with missing Security Heartbeat exceeds
Device disconnected from central management
Device Gateway status change
VPN connection status change
HA status change
RED tunnel status change
Hostname Change
Specify the duration of sending notifications in Notify me field. The duration can be in hours or minutes.
Specify description of the alert profile.
3. Click Save.