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Device Monitor Details
Device Monitor details page provides detailed information on the selected device card. The following information will be displayed for the device card.
Basic Information
Device Name
Displays the name the device.
* Manage Device Policy option can be used to directly take you to the device dashboard of the selected device. You can change the device policy configurations based on your observation in the Device Card.
Model Number
Displays Device Model.
Device IP
Displays the IP Address of the managed device.
Host Name
Host Name as configured on the SF device.
Level and Count (Last 2 hours) are displayed for the following Security parameters:
Web Virus
Mail Virus
Spam Mails
Web Usage health
Intrusion Attacks
ATP Events
Endpoint Health (Includes Red Health and missing Heartbeat)
Level and Status Expiry are displayed for the following License parameters:
Base Firewall
Network Protection
Web Protection
Email Protection
Web Server Protection
Enhanced Support
Enhanced Plus Support
Registered Email ID
* Click Synchronize to synchronize your device licenses.
Level Percentage and (Last 2 hours) are displayed for the following Resource parameters:
Disk (Report)
Disk (Config)
Level, Status and Duration are displayed for the following Availability parameters:
Device Interface status
Connection to Central Console
Device Gateway status
RED Status