System & Monitor : Device Settings : Managed Devices : Devices : Add Device Wizard
Add Device Wizard
The Add device wizard enables you to add a device, configure firmware, restore backup, and apply a template.
Wizard is divided into six sections:
1. Device
2. Users
3. Firmwares
4. Restore backup
5. Template
6. Summary
1. Go to System & monitor > Device settings > Managed devices > Device discovery and click . Alternatively, click Discover to run the wizard.
2. Add device information
a. Enter the Device name.
b. Enter the Serial number. This field will be autopopulated if you run the wizard from Discover notification.
c. Enter the IP/Domain assigned to the WAN interface of the Device.
d. Enter the Firewall admin username.
e. Enter the Password.
f. Enter a Description.
g. Click Enable change control (CCL).
h. Click Administrator information to add more information of the firewall manager's administrator.
i. Enter the Administrator name.
j. Enter the Contact number.
k. Enter the Email ID.
l. Select the Communication mode.
Firewall manager will push configuration changes to the firewall
Select if the managed device is directly accessible from the firewall manager without an intermediate NAT box. Specify the access protocol and port number to communicate with the managed device.
Click to Test connection.
The device will fetch configuration changes from the firewall manager
Select if the managed device is behind a NAT box (Example: ADSL). The managed device will poll the firewall manager for configuration updates at one-minute intervals and pull the available updates.
m. Specify the port on which the device and firewall manager should communicate.
n. Click Next to go to Communication mode or Skip to finish to complete the wizard.
3. Select the firewall manager users.
a. Add Firewall manager users to manage the device.
b. Click Backto go to Device or Nextto go to Firmwares or Skip to finishto complete the wizard.
4. Configure firmware settings
* Displays the current firmware version of managed devices, and availability of the latest firmware version.
a. If the device model is available in the firewall manager, the latest version will appear automatically. If it doesn't, go to System & monitor > Device settings > Firmware and click Check for latest firmwares
b. Click Yes to upgrade the device with the latest available firmware. It is disabled by default.
c. Click Back to go to Users and Next to go to Restore backup or Skip to finish to complete the wizard.
5. Configure restore backup
a. Click Yes to restore the backup of an existing device in the new device. It is disabled by default.
b. Select an existing device and the backup you wish to restore in the new device. Alternatively, upload the backup file from your computer and restore it in the new device.
c. Click Backto go to Firmwares or Next to go to Template or Skip to finish to complete the wizard.
6. Configure template management
a. Click Yes to apply an existing template to the device. The template is disabled by default.
b. Select the template to be applied.
c. Click Next to view Summary or Back to go to Restore backup. Click Skip to finish to complete the wizard.
7. Review configuration summary.
* Summary displays details of the added device, including the device name, device key, IP/Domain, admin username, communication mode, communication ports of firewall manager and XG Firewall, and the status of firmware upgrade, restore backup, and template application.
Click Finish to complete the wizard or Back to go to Template.