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Application List
The Application List page displays all the applications available for use.
The device can identify and control applications which use standard port 80, 443, non-standard ports, port hopping or tunnel through encrypted SSL traffic. The feature enables prioritization of applications based on user identity, time, applications, and bandwidth, allowing great flexibility, visibility, and control. The device also provides implementation of application-based bandwidth management, accelerating critical applications while blocking malware-laden sites through Web Filtering. Organizations can group applications as per their requirements into business-critical, entertainment, communication, collaboration and control access through Security policies.
* Web Protection is a subscription module that needs to be subscribed before use. Check the features of the module by subscribing free trial subscription of the module. (See System Management > System Settings > Maintenance > Licensing (Only at appliance level))
The device is shipped with a set of predefined applications. This applications are classified based on their risk level, characteristics and technology, offering more granular controls.
The total number of application signatures included depends on the Application Signatures Database used by the device. Device Information doclet in the Dashboard provides the version of Application Signatures Database used by your device.
The application list can be filtered based on name of the application, category of the application, risk, characteristics, and technology.