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Device Monitor
Device Monitor displays critical heath information of the Managed Devices in graphical manner. CFM monitors the Managed Devices based on the following heath parameters and statuses:
Security: Mail Virus, Web Virus, Spam Mails, Web Usage Health, Intrusion Attacks, ATP Events, and Endpoint Health (Includes RED Health and missing Heartbeat).
Resource: CPU, Memory, Disk (Report) and Disk (Config).
License: Base Firewall, Network Protection, Web Protection, Email Protection, Sandstorm, WebServer Protection, and Support.
Availability: Connection to Central Management, Interface status, Gateway Status and RED Status.
* Connection to Central Management parameter is not available for the auxiliary device deployed in Active-Passive HA mode.
Device Monitor continuously monitors the Managed Devices for the wide range of security attacks, resource utilization and license statuses which helps the administrator to take informed decisions in resolving the risk landscape.
Flat view and card view allows you to monitor the status (Critical, Warning, Normal) of Managed Devices across a set of parameters for Security, Resource, License and Availability, based on their threshold values. In flat view, devices that need attention are automatically listed at the top on the basis of their monitor status.
You have the flexibility to customize threshold values for Critical, Warning and Normal levels as per your needs, using Device Monitor Settings.
Open in Full Screen allows you to display Device Monitor in full screen view.
Note: Open in Full Screen is available only if accessed from System Management > Monitor > Device Monitor.