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The Certificates page displays list of available certificates.
A digital certificate is a document that guarantees the identity of a person or entity and is issued by the Certificate Authority (CA). Certificates are generated by the third party trusted CA. They create certificates by signing public keys and identify the information of the communicating parties with their own private keys. This way it is possible to verify that a public key really belongs to the communicating party only and not been forged by someone with malicious intentions.
A certificate signed by a Certificate Authority (CA) identifies the owner of a public key. Each communicating party may be required to present its own certificate signed by a CA verifying the ownership of the corresponding private key. Additionally, the communicating parties need to have a copy of the CA’s public key. In case private key is lost or stolen or the information is changed, CA is responsible for revoking the certificate.CA also maintains the list of valid and revoked certificates.
To use Certificates for authentication, you must have valid CA and a certificate. You need to upload CA if you are using external CA. You can generate a self signed certificate if you want to use it as CA.
You can also use device to act as a certificate authority and sign its own certificates. This eliminates the need of having your own certificate authority. If you are using device as CA, you have to generate a self-signed certificate, which can be used in various VPN policies.
The page also provides option to generate a self-signed certificate, upload a certificate, or generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).This page also provides option to regenerate, revoke, download, or delete the certificates.
If you are using a third party CA, you have to submit a request to CA for issuing a certificate. Once CA issues a certificate, you have to upload to use it in VPN policy.
This page provides option to:
Add a New Certificate
Download the Certificate
Revoke the Certificate