Device Configuration : Protect : Email : Quarantine Digest Settings
Quarantine Digest Settings
This feature requires a subscription. It can be configured but cannot be enforced without a valid Email Protection subscription.
This feature is NOT available in SF100 and SF200.
Quarantine Digest is an Email containing a list of quarantined Emails filtered by Device and held in the user Quarantine Area. If configured, user receives Quarantine Digest as per the frequency in Device Configuration > Protect > Email > Quarantine Digest Settings . Digest also provides a link to User Portal from where user can access quarantined Emails and take the required action.
Quarantine Digest settings can be configured globally for all the users or for individual users. User receives Quarantine Digest as per the configured frequency.
The Quarantine Digest provides following information for each quarantined message:
Date and time: Date and time when message was received
Sender: Email Address of the sender
Recipient: Email Address of the receiver
Subject: Subject of the message
Configuring Quarantine Digest for All Users
Enable Quarantine Digest
Enable Quarantine Digest to configure digest service for all the users.
Email Frequency
Specify the mailing frequency for digest.
Digest can be mailed every hour, every day at configured time, or every week on the configured day and time.
From Email Address
Specify Email Address from which the mail should be sent. Digest mail will be sent from the configured mail address.
Display Name
Specify mail sender name. Digest mail will be sent with the configured name.
Send Test Email
Click and provide Email Address to which the message is to be sent for Email Address verification.
Reference User Portal IP
Select Interface/Port IP from the ‘Reference User Portal IP’ dropdown list.
User Portal link in Digest mail will point to this IP Address. User can click the link to access his quarantined messages and take the required action. The users not falling under the specified Interface will have to access the quarantine mail directly from their MyAccount.
Allow Override
Enable if you want user to override the Digest Settings. If enabled user can disable the digest service so that they do not receive the Quarantine Digest.
Change User's Quarantine Digest Settings
Click to change the digest settings of the individual users.
It allows selecting the group and updating the Quarantine Digest Setting of group members.
Overriding Quarantine Digest Settings for a Specific User(s)
Click Change User’s Quarantine Digest Settings button to change the digest settings for the individual users. It opens a new pop-up window named Manage Quarantine Digest which allows you to search groups and users for updating the Quarantine Digest Settings of group members.
You can individually search for user and user groups.
Select the checkbox against the user to enable the Quarantine Digest. If enabled, configured Quarantine Digest Settings are applicable for the user.