Device Configuration : Configure : Network : DHCP Relay : Add DHCP Relay Agent
Add DHCP Relay Agent
You can configure Interface as DHCP Relay Agent from this page.
1. Go to Device Configuration > Configure > Network > DHCP Relay and click Add
2. Enter DHCP Relay Configuration details.
Provide a name to identify DHCP Relay Agent.
IP Family
Select the IP Family for DHCP Relay Agent.
Available Options:
* IPv4
* IPv6
Select Interface.
Interfaces having Static IP Assignment can act as a DHCP Relay Agent. Device cannot act as DHCP server and DHCP Relay Agent simultaneously. Hence if device is configured as DHCP Relay Agent, you will not be able to configure it as a server and vice-versa.
DHCP Relay agent can be configured on virtual sub-interface but cannot be configured on Interface alias.
DHCP Server IP
Specify DHCP Server IP Address. You can also configure multiple DHCP servers. This support deployment where DHCP server running in high availability environment. DHCP Relay will forward packets to all the configured DHCP Servers and active server will serve the request. In case active server goes down, backup server serves the request. DHCP server takes care of leasing the IP Address to a client.
Maximum DHCP servers configures per DHCP Relay - 8
Relay through IPSec (Only if IP Family is IPv4)
Click to enable Relay through IPSec VPN.
3. Click Save to add DHCP Relay Agent.