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Data Control List
This feature requires a subscription in Sophos XG Firewall. It can be configured but cannot be enforced without a valid Email Protection subscription.
This feature is NOT available in SF100 and SF200.
The Data Protection (DP) feature allows you to reduce accidental data loss from workstations by monitoring and restricting the transfer of files containing sensitive data. Accidental data loss is commonly caused by employees mishandling sensitive data. For example, a user sends a file containing sensitive data home via email (SMTP). DP scans outgoing emails including subject line, message body and attachments for sensitive or confidential information. Based on the outcome, the email can be encrypted using SPX encryption, or the email can be rejected or sent.
To configure DLP, select one or more rule from the Sophos Content Control List (CCL). CCLs provide expert definitions for common financial and personally identifiable data types, for example, credit card numbers, social security numbers, postal addresses, or email addresses. Advanced techniques, such as checksums, are used in Sophos CCLs to increase the accuracy of sensitive data detection.
Use this page to add, edit and delete Data Protection Policies for Legacy and MTA modes. Use the Mode Switch option on the page to switch between Legacy and MTA modes.