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Network Traffic Quota
The Network Traffic Quota page displays list of all the default as well as custom network traffic policies.
Once the user logs on, the bandwidth is available and the total available bandwidth is shared among all the active users at the particular time. Bandwidth being the limited resource, bandwidth shortage and congestion problems is common. The device facilitates limiting data transfer allowed to individual user according to the requirement. Bandwidth is limited using the Traffic Shaping policy while network traffic quota policy defines the upper limit for data transfer carried out by the user.
Network Traffic Quota policy:
Allows limiting data transfer on a cyclic or non-cyclic basis.
Single policy can be applied to number of Groups or Users.
Data transfer restriction can be based on:
Total Data transfer (Upload + Download)
Individual Upload and/or Download
Device is shipped with the following predefined policies: 100 MB Total Data Transfer policy, Daily 10 MB. These predefined policies are immediately available for use until configured otherwise. You can also define custom policies to define different levels of access for different users to meet your organization’s requirements.
The page also provides option to add, update, or delete network traffic quota policies.
* Among all the policies applied, device takes into account the policy that first reaches its threshold limit.