Device Configuration
Device Configuration
Sophos Central Firewall Manager (CFM) enables the organization to monitor and manage multiple Firewall devices from a central location. Device Configuration allows sorting of the added devices on the basis of different criteria for better visibility and permits enforcement of global policies for security features like Firewall, VPN, Intrusion Prevention System, Application filter, Anti-spam and Anti-virus on them. It also allows the administrator to create and implement multiple Traffic Shaping policies to stop bandwidth abuse in organization to ensure productivity of the employees.
As soon as an device is added to CFM, CFM connects to the device and starts synchronization process and the status of the device changes to. In the synchronization process, CFM updates its local copy as per the information provided by the device. Once the synchronization is successful, status changes to. CFM maintains the mirror or duplicate copy of the Device configuration. However, the device copy is always considered as the master copy. If due to any reason, if synchronization process fails device status changes to.
Once the device is added and synchronized, the device sends the information like device health, network information, various attacks and threats identified by the device to CFM through heartbeat at the regular interval.
Device Configuration has the following Dashboards to view and manage device groups and individual devices:
Device Group Dashboard
Device Dashboard