Device Configuration : Protect : Email : File Types : Add File Type Category
Add File Type Category
Create a File Type collection to be used in Internet filter policies.
Use the Device Configuration > Protect > Web > File Type page to create collections of File Types for use in Internet policies. To create a new File Type collection:
1. Enter a Name for the new collection.
2. Under Template, either leave set to Blank or choose an option from the drop-down menu.
* Selections under the Template drop-down will populate the File Extension and MIME Header fields with information from our predefined File Types. From there, you can add extensions and MIME headers to extend the definition of your new File Type Category.
3. Add entries to the File Extension and MIME Header text boxes to include those file types in your new category.
4. Add information in the Description text box to provide information about your new category.
5. Click Save to create your new File Type Category.