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File Types
The File Types page allows you to manage file types to be used in filtering policy.
The Device Configuration > Protect > Web > File Types page displays list of both built-in and custom file types that you can control in policy expressions. For instance, you can restrict access to certain types of files within an otherwise-permitted category.
A file type group consists of collections of files, identified by either file extenstion or MIME headers. Predefined File Types are provided, and you can create new collections of file types using templates.
This page lists existing File Types collection. The predefined File Type collections can not be modified. For File Type groups that you have added, you can edit or delete the by selecting the associated icon under the Manage heading. To delete multiple File Types, select the associated checkboxes under the Name heading and click Delete at the top of the page.
Click the Add button at the top to create a new File Type.