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The Groups page displays list of all the default and custom groups.
Group is a collection of users having common policies that can be managed as a single unit and a mechanism of assigning various policies to a number of users in one operation/step. Users that belong to a particular group are referred to as a group user.
A group can contain default as well as custom policies.
Various policies that can be grouped are:
Surfing Quota policy which specifies the duration of surfing time and the period of subscription
Access Time policy which specifies the time period during which the user will be allowed access
Web Filter Policy which controls and blocks access to inappropriate web sites
Application Filter Policy which controlling access to application like IM and P2P, VOIP
QoS policy which specifies the bandwidth usage limit of the user
Data Transfer Policy which specifies the data transfer quota of the user
SSL VPN Policy which determines the access mode and controls access to private network resources.
The page also provides option to add new group, update group parameters, add new members to the existing group, view user group membership, or delete a group.