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Guest Users Settings
Guest Users Settings menu allows you to configure general settings, registration settings and SMS Gateway for Guest Users.
Users without a pre-existing user account wanting to access Internet using a hotspot, or via a network available at airport, hotels, hostels, etc. are called “Guest Users”. These users, that are otherwise considered unauthenticated and/or denied access, are allowed to make request to connect to the Internet for a limited period by authenticating themselves. On being authenticated, these users are authorized to access Internet as Guest Users. At such locations, Internet access is secured by configuring access policies to restrict any malicious use of the network.
Sophos allows administrator to pre-configure single or multiple Guest Users using Admin Console. The credentials of Guest Users configured via Admin Console can be printed and handed over to Guest User. Alternately, Guest Users can register themselves using Guest User Portal. The credentials and Internet access details of Guest Users registered via Guest User Portal can either be sent via SMS or can be printed.
In case of successful authentication Guest User is granted access according to applicable group, or else is redirected to captive portal page.
The page allows configuring general parameters to provide secured Internet access for guest users. Below are the screen elements with their description:
Guest User General Settings
Username Prefix
Enter prefix to be used for Auto-Generation of username for guest users.
Select a group of policies to assign to Guest users.
Alternately, you can also add group of policies.
Password Length
Specify the length of the auto-generated password for Guest Users.
Minimum password length - 3 characters
Maximum password length - 60 characters
Default - 8 characters
The password length is a basic security parameter, the value of which affects the strength of password against brute force attack.
Password Complexity
Select a type of password from the available options to be used for complexity of an auto-generated password:
Available Options:
Numeric Password - Password will include only numeric characters.
Alphabetic Password - Password will include only alphabetic characters.
Alphanumeric Password - Password will include numeric as well as alphabetic characters.
Alphanumeric with Special Character Password - Password will include numeric, alphabets and special characters.
The password strength is a function of its length, complexity, and unpredictability. Combining password length with password complexity makes a password difficult to guess.
Provide the disclaimer message to be printed below every user’s login credentials.
Disclaimer once configured can be edited but cannot be removed.
Auto Purge on Expiry
Check to enable automatic purging of user details on expiry of user validity.
* Details of a user who is bound to rules (like firewall, IM, etc.) will not be purged automatically.
Guest User Registration Settings
Enable Guest Users Registration
Enable to allow secured Internet access to guest users.
SMS Gateway
Select the Gateway using which the SMS should be sent.
Alternately you may add the SMS gateway from this page itself by clicking Create New link.
Guest Username
Select the method of generating Username using the following option:
Use Cell Number as Username
If Guest Username checkbox option is not selected, by default, the new user name will be generated with the value specified in Username Prefix.
User Validity (Duration in Days)
Specify guest user validity in days.
Default Country Code
Enable to configure a default country code on the Guest User Registration page.
Selected country is displayed as default option in Cell Number selection at Guest User registration page.
CAPTCHA Verification
Select to Enable or Disable CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) code verification on Guest User Registration page to ensure the request is received for human being.
By enabling CAPTCHA Verification, the user will be displayed a picture with characters that user must insert in a provided textbox below picture. The administrator can therefore protect device against attacks generated by automated programs.
Default - Enable
SMS Gateway
An SMS Gateway allows sending and receiving Short Message Service (SMS) to/from a home network for Guest User registration. The device supports HTTP and HTTPS protocol based SMS service.
This section displays list of all the configured SMS Gateways and provides option to add, delete and edit the SMS gateway configuration.